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Dedicated to solutions for our clients

We strive for excellence in customer solutions.  We bring a strong background in customer relationship management and marketing.  Our goal is to make your life event or business easier!

We are here to take the weight off your shoulders.  Whether it is to plan a celebration or event in your personal life, or in your business life, we have options for both!


Our consultations are always free and you are never pressured or obligated to commit to anything.  We also have a-la-carte packages if you feel like you only need a few things to help you through your event or situation.


Just select the option below that best fits your situation in order to learn more about why having someone to help plan your event or handle your marketing can make your life easier!



When it comes to business marketing and public relations we are here to help provide full service solutions that can meet your business needs.


Having a solid marketing plan in place is the first step to help gain a hold on your prospective customer base.


Bringing in a fresh set of eyes can help you develop your marketing and tailor it to your market base.


Maybe you are satisfied with your marketing plan but don't have time to put into a special event? Maybe you want to have a special sale or you are opening a new location and want to have a grand opening celebration? We can also help with launches and public relations to get your special business event off and running!

When life gives you lemons you make lemonade right? Well lemonade tastes better with sugar and is more fun when it's in a cute party glass with a tiny umbrella.


That is why we are here! To help make that lemon into a cute tropical drink for your next party!


It's all fun and games until someone forgets the cake or doesn't remember whether or not your favorite Aunt got her invitation to the party.


We can take care of all of the little things and make sure that nothing is forgotten for your special life event.

Helping Your Business Grow

Taking the stress off your shoulders

Shopping from home is fun isn't it? It is so much easier to have someone bring you things to shop for.  You don't have to pack up the kids and travel.  When you invite your friends you can even earn FREE products! If your friends also decide to shop at home, you can earn even more things through party bookings! Check out our home shopping section to learn more about all the products we have to offer in our ever expanding product line up!

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