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Social Media is the way today's world thrives online.  People source opinions and offer advice as well as look for reviews and sales through social media.  Companies that stay active online increase their chances of opening their client base up significantly.


Starting with exclusive content for social followers and special sales dedicated to their online client base, a business can source another stream of revenue they would have never thought to have access to ten years ago.  One of the drawbacks of social media is that it takes time to build, establish and maintain a presence online.  There are so many options in social media and it can be daunting to figure out where to start.  It also takes time, patience and dedication to build and maintain client relations online.


This is where we come in.  We start with a business analysis of where your marketing plan may fit with social media and how we can build up your online market presence.  With a background in marketing and  training in graphic design, we bring a lot of skills together to help design your pages and make sure that your social media profiles stand out.


Having a social media presence also allows you to get instant feedback from your customers.  This also allows for instant interaction with potential customers that may be considering working with you but may have some questions first!


One of the biggest drawbacks that keep a lot of small businesses from starting and keeping up a social media presence is TIME.  Most small business owners, even those that are very Internet savvy still may not have enough time to dedicated to keep up an online presence while also running a business.


We tailor our social media management packages to meet your needs.  Our pricing structure is based on what your business goals are.  Starting at around $75 quarterly you can get started launching a social media management campaign for your business!



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Brand Identity is crucial


Do you have a logo? How about a slogan that makes your business memorable? How much value do you really put on brand identity?


One thing that is crucial to making your business memorable is branding.  This is taking an image (logo) or slogan that represents your brand and repeating it throughout any marketing communication that you use to interact with your customers.  This can be print, video, radio, or just about anything that comes in contact with your client base.  Creating an identity and making sure it stays consistent is one of the most important parts of keeping your business front and center in the public mind.


Repetition of an image or short slogan will help customers recognize on a subconscious level that an image or set of words belongs to your brand and then they can associate that with your level of marketing that you put out into the world.  The reason this is important is because the age old adage of "first impressions are everything" rings true in branding.  If you create a positive reminder of your brand to your prospects then you will increase your chances of establishing a solid flow of traffic to your doorstep.


We offer everything from logo design to media management packages.  Our packages are built with your business needs in mind.  The first step is to evaluate your branding image and make sure you are consistently using the same image or set of colors from within that image across all your marketing materials.


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Having a business event is time consuming


There may be important things that you really want to do in order to boost business but don't have time.  Maybe you are opening a new location? You know that the new store is going to open regardless of what you have time for, but how can you draw extra attention to both locations in oder to celebrate the opening of the new store?  Grand Openings can be so much more successful with a little careful planning and taking a few extra steps to make sure you are drawing in a crowd to not only your original store but your new location.


You might have a new product coming in and want to drive pre order revenues? Or you may want to psych up your customers and get them excited about a new product coming? This is something that your customer base "can't miss!" and you want to make sure they don't.  Product launch events and demonstration days of new products are very important to making that new item you spent your Q2 earnings on a complete success.


We can help you plan out any event that you might want to host in order to increase foot traffic during an important time in your business.  We have a number of event planning packages that can fit any business need.


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